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  • What is a loan?

    Loan is a good choice if you are in need of a certain amount of money for a certain cause – for example, home or garden improvement, travelling or study expense coverage (student loans). Personal loan comparison on moneyguru24.com helps you choose the best personal loan that best suits your need.

  • Should I consider getting a loan?

    If you find yourself in a sudden need of money, for example, you receive an unexpectedly big bill for a service, first – talk over with whomever you got your bill from and explain the situation you’re in. You may plan an extended term to your bill or suggest a partial payment during a longer term. If that is not possible, you should consider getting a loan. But you should get a loan only if you are able to pay it back.

  • How do I get a loan?

    You can apply for a loan using an online application form. To get the loan you have to be over 18, employed, with a regular monthly income and have a bank account. Even though the application is really easy, you shouldn’t rush into getting a loan. Be careful and read all the information, small print, terms and conditions on the politics of financial enterprise which you find most efficient after comparing all the options in MoneyGuru24.com.

  • How do I pay back my loan?

    Most of financial enterprises, that offers loans, debit the payment directly from your bank account. But there are still some credit companies that haven’t established this service yet, so you must remember to pay back your debt as soon as you get your monthly paycheck. If you are thinking about extending the term of your loan, be sure to inform the lender before the current due date expires.

  • What happens if I can’t pay back my loan?

    If you miss payments or fail to repay your loan and cannot reach an agreement on the extension of credit term, then it is quite possible that the lender will leave a bad mark in your credit reference file. This can cause difficulties to obtain credit, leasing or other financial services in the future. Serious cases of missed payments (non-payment) can be brought to court. In this case, the court costs will be added to the amount of your debt. For more information about loan extension policy, description of the company's policy in cases of missing payments and non-payment actions, visit your lender’s website.

Money Transfer

  • Why choose money transfer services?

    Banks usually charge high fees for converting money to other currencies and sending it abroad. Instead of paying large amounts of international banking fees you can choose money transfer service, which offers transparent pricing, real exchange rates and small fees.

  • How much does it cost?

    Money transfer service providers usually charge a small service fee from the amount of money that you send. Costs of money transfer services are set individually by the service providers.

  • How long does the many transfer take?

    The time money transfer takes depends on the currency and payment method. Usually the process is completed within 1-3 business days.

  • What are the payment options?

    Usually you can use debit card, credit card, bank transfer and other payment methods that are offered by the service provider.

  • What countries can I transfer money to?

    Mostly it is possible to transfer money to almost every country. You can check the list of countries in providers website.

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